5 Ways Americans Support Their Troops


Support the military during this difficult time the world is facing.

The United States population is generally more supportive of its military than any other country in the world. There are two national holidays dedicated to honoring veterans, both living and dead, and several charities dedicated to the wellbeing of those currently serving and those who have returned from serving. There are currently over one million people actively serving in the United States military, and they can all use your support as an American citizen to make their lives better and easier in return for protecting the country.

Military Banks

Several specialized banks around the United States provide services specifically for veterans. These banks often have no balance requirements and waive all service fees. Since many veterans find it difficult to adjust to regular life after they are done serving, especially if they are dealing with physical or psychological damage, services like these are widely used and appreciated by veterans. Military personnel can also use a military credit union for his or her family while he or she is still deployed, or if he or she is still living in the United States.

Care Packages

Military care packages are often sent to soldiers from their families to remind them of home. The United States Post Office offers a free Military Care Kit that takes care of the expenses you would normally spend on boxes or packing tape and allows for free shipping. If you have a loved one who is currently stationed overseas, contact the nearest post office and ask about sending a care package. The troops are always happy to receive a little slice of home when they have been away for so long.

Support the Families

Being the family of someone who is on active duty in the military is not easy. These families live in a constant state of wondering whether their loved one is safe, and many of these families are also single-parent households, which is enough of a heroic act on its own. For that reason, make it a point to extend a helping hand to military families. Invite them over for a meal, go on a walk with them, or simply try being friends with them. It can be a huge stress reliever to know that your community supports you through these uncertain times.

Visit Veterans

Many veterans from twentieth-century wars, such as the Vietnam War, now spend their days hulled up in nursing homes in veteran hospitals with nothing to do and no one to talk to. Sometimes, families abandon older relatives when it becomes too difficult to continue taking care of them, so chances are that older veterans will be grateful to have someone come and visit them. Older war veterans are often incredibly wise and can offer sound advice in several matters, but you can also use the time to have a conversation about anything you like, they will likely enjoy it no matter what.

Thank Them

If you ever come across someone in a military uniform, make sure to thank him or her for his or her service if you get the chance. Most people who join the military do not do so because they want to be lauded for their service, but that does not mean that they do not appreciate it when people come up to them and thank them for all they have done for their country. These people have sacrificed so much to protect the country they love so much, and showing your thanks is a way to show your support for your country as well.

No matter your position on the United States foreign policy, military spending, or any other issue, you cannot deny that many of the troops have sacrificed huge portions of their lives to serve you. There are always small ways for you to show your support for these people, and doing any of these will leave both veterans, active-duty military members, and their families happier than you will ever know.


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