48% Of White Evangelicals Would Support Kavanaugh Even If Allegations Are True


Nearly half of white evangelical Americans don't believe sexual assault should disqualify Brett Kavanaugh.

A recent Marist poll indicates nearly half of white evangelical Americans — 48 percent — support the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court even if Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against him is true.

From Vox:

> Marist asked 1,000 respondents from September 22 to 24 whether they would support Kavanaugh if the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford, who says Kavanaugh assaulted her at a high school party decades ago, were found to be true.


> Support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation falls along partisan lines with 12 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Republicans saying yes. Kavanaugh has consistently denied the allegations, as well as the allegations of at least threeotheraccusers, whose more recent allegations came out too late to be included in the poll.

Vox argues that these numbers make sense given the evangelical community's beliefs surrounding sex in general:

> Within evangelical culture, as I’ve written previously, the idea that women are “supposed” to be the gatekeepers of male sexuality, that male sexual urges are inherently uncontrollable, and the idea that forgiveness is automatically “owed” to any alleged abuser, converge to create a climate in which allegations of sexual harassment and abuse tend to be seen as minor or, at least, forgivable.


> Certainly, the evangelical community is already redeeming its own people accused of sexual misconduct during the #MeToo movement. Earlier this month, former Southern Baptist Convention president Paige Patterson — who left his position as president of the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in disgrace after accusations of sexism — returned to public ministry with a pair of sermons that denigrated the #MeToo movement and focused on the problem of false rape allegations.

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These people go by the wrong name they are not Evangelicals .. They are Evilvangelicals !!!