A recent Economist/YouGov poll shows that 45% of Republicans wish to shutter “biased” or “inaccurate” media.

According to Vox Media:

“A fairly large plurality of Republicans — 45 percent — support allowing media organizations to be shuttered. A scant 20 percent oppose the idea; that’s less than half the number who support it. The remaining 35 percent of Republicans have not made up their minds.
By contrast, more Democrats and independents oppose shutting down media organizations than support it (by a 21-point margin among Democrats and 2-point margin among Independents).“

President Donald Trump has made it a priority to demonize the media, going so far as to claim that these organizations are enemies of the American people.

While this language has historically not been prevalent in the United States, it is common in illiberal states like Russia and Turkey. Russia and Turkey, once democracies, albeit weak ones, have regressed into authoritarian states. In both countries, charismatic, irredentistleaders, have consolidated the power of the state into their own authority.

In many respects, if the U.S. lacked its Democratic institutions, norms and stable Constitution, it is likely that President Donald Trump would attempt to mold the U.S. into a Turkey or Russia.