43% of Republicans Believe A President Should Be Free Of Checks And Balances


The Trump Effect: More Republicans believe a president can operate better if they don't need to worry about Congress.

Republicans are now more open to the idea of expanding presidential power, according to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center

Although most Americans continue to believe that it would be “too risky” to give the nation’s presidents more power, an increasing number of Republicans are beginning to think the opposite. 

The share of Republicans who say that a president could operate more effectively if they didn't have checks of power imposed on them increased 16 percentage points since last year, from 27% to 43%.

Last year, 70% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said that it would be too risky to give presidents more power. That statistic now sits at about half, at 51%. 

Following Donald Trump’s election in 2016, conservative Republicans began holding onto a more positive view of increased presidential power.

Since March 2018, the proportion of conservative Republicans who say that presidents could deal with problems more effectively if they “didn’t have to worry so much about Congress or the courts” has doubled. 

Today, about half of conservative Republicans (52%) believe the president’s power should be expanded, compared with 26% a year ago. 

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