42% Of Repubs: Accurate But Critical Stories About Trump Are Fake News

For 42% of Republicans, ‘accurate’ stories are still ‘fake news’ if they’re critical of Trump.

The media continues to take heat from the president on a regular basis, with at times near-daily tweets targeting the 'Fake News", a term that points less to inaccurate reporting than it does unfavorable stories - and it seems the strategy is paying off.

The Washington Post reports that a wide swathe of Republicans consider accurate-but-critical stories about President Donald Trump to be "fake news".

According to a recent Gallup-Knight Foundation survey:

Four in 10 [or 42 percent of] Republicans consider accurate news stories that cast a politician or political group in a negative light to always be “fake news.” [The corresponding figure for Democrats is 17 percent.]

And there's no sign the trend will be letting up any time soon:

On Wednesday, Trump plans to stage his much-hyped “Fake News Awards.” Who knows what sort of travesty is in the works, though a likely result is that more of Trump’s followers will migrate toward the understanding that “fake news” is essentially anything that portrays the president in a negative light.