4/10 Republicans Say Russians Helping GOP Win Elections Is OK

Screengrab / TYT / YouTube

While the majority of Republicans believe Russian meddling is not okay, 40% said it isn't a big deal if it happens.

Forty percent of Republicans believe Russian efforts to help elect GOP candidates are not a big deal, according to a new poll released this week.

Ten percent not only say it isnt a big deal but also find it appropriate.

From The Hill:

> A Yahoo FinanceSurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday finds that 11 percent of Republican or GOP-leaning Americans surveyed said it is "appropriate" for Russia to try to help Republicans, while 29 percent said it's "not appropriate, but wouldn't be a big deal."

The majority of Republicans surveyed 55 percent deemed Russian interference inappropriate and said it would be a big deal if it were to happen in the midterm elections.

> On the Democratic side, 14 percent of Democrats said it either would be appropriate or "wouldn't be a big deal" for Russia to intervene on behalf of Democrats. Eighty-six percent called it "not appropriate" and "major" for Russia to try to help Democrats.

In total, 72 percent of Americans strongly oppose Russian efforts to help elect Republicans, and 77 percent are strongly opposed to Russia helping elect Democrats.

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