25% Of White Evangelicals Say Trump Could Do Nothing Wrong

"Donald Trump brought his personal copy of the Bible to the Values Voter Summit in an attempt to sway religious voters while he looks to shore up his sizable support among conservatives." 2015 (CNN)Screengrab/CNN/YouTube

A full quarter of white evangelical Christians said there is nothing President Trump could do to lose their approval.

According to a late-October 2018 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), 58 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s performance as president, which includes 42 percent of those who said they strongly disapprove.

Further, 46 percent of Americans said they not only disapprove but there is nothing Trump could do to change their minds. By comparison, 14 percent of Americans said they approve of the president, and there is nothing he could do to lose their support.

Among white evangelical Christians, that number jumped to 25 percent.

Similarly, 22 percent of white mainline Protestants said Trump could not lose their approval.

The number dropped to 19 percent for white Catholics and 12 percent for Hispanic Catholics.

Just six percent of black Protestants and four percent of religiously unaffiliated Americans say there is nothing Trump could do to lose their approval.

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