25 GOP Congressional Candidates Are Promoting QAnon Conspiracy Theories


A total of 25 candidates running for Congress in 2020 believe in the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory.

Media Matters for America is keeping a running tally of all the candidates running for Congress in 2020 who support the far-right QAnon conspiracy — and the number is now disturbingly high, at 25 congressional hopefuls.

The publication noted that the conspiracy, within which are numerous baseless theories, centers on an anonymous account known as “Q,” whose primary claim is that “President Donald Trump was working with then-special counsel Robert Mueller to take down the president’s perceived enemies, the “deep state,” and pedophiles.”

The ensuing movement has led to multiple acts of real-world violence, “including multiple murders and an attempted kidnapping, and an FBI field office released a memo in May that listed QAnon as a potential domestic terrorism threat.”

Now, at least 25 individuals who subscribe to the conspiracy theory — often sharing the QAnon motto, “Where We Go One, We Go All,” on social media and in campaign ads — are hoping to join the next session of Congress.

See the full list of candidates here.


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