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President Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by twenty-four different women. Author E. Jean Carroll is the latest in a long line of women who have accused the president of sexual assault.

According toBusiness Insider, as of June 21, 2019, twenty-four women had accused the president of sexual assault since the 1970s. A number of these women came forward in the aftermath of the 2016 release of the Access Hollywood tape, which recorded Trump boasting about grabbing women’s genitals in 2005. Trump has dismissed all the allegations of groping, harassment, and rape, calling all the women liars.

Earlier this year, former campaign staffer Alva Johnson brought a lawsuit against President Trump, saying he "violated norms of decency and privacy by kissing Ms. Johnson on the lips without her consent in the middle of a Florida work event and in front of numerous other Campaign officials." According to USA Today, Trump also denied this allegation.

Author E. Jean Carroll is only the latest woman to accuse the president of sexual assault, saying he forced himself on her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the mid-1990s. Trump responded by saying “I’ve never met this person in my life,” despite a photo published by New York magazine clearly showing Trump speaking to Caroll at a New York City party in 1987. According to The Daily Beast, Carroll has no plans to take legal action against him, saying, “His power is so great that it doesn’t matter.”

Below is a list of all twenty-four women who have come forward with sexual assault against the president.

  1. Jessica Leeds
  2. Ivana Trump
  3. Kristin Anderson
  4. Jill Harth
  5. Lisa Boyne
  6. Mariah Billado
  7. Victoria Hughes
  8. Temple Taggart
  9. Cathy Heller
  10. Karena Virginia
  11. Tasha Dixon
  12. Bridget Sullivan
  13. Melinda McGillivray
  14. Natasha Stoynoff
  15. Jennifer Murphy
  16. Juliet Huddy
  17. Rachel Crook
  18. Samantha Holvey
  19. Ninni Laaksonen
  20. Jessica Drake
  21. Summer Zervos
  22. Cassandra Searles
  23. Alva Johnson
  24. E. Jean Carroll