20 Things People Typically Learn Too Late in Life


Author Nicholas Cole identified 20 things that people don't realize until later in life.

Author Nicholas Cole identified 20 things that people don't realize until later in life, according to Medium.com.Nicholas wanted to highlight that life is a rollercoaster and people often don't realize that apart of life is learning.He identified these 20 aspects that people learn too late.

  1. People are afraid to use their imagination when they are no longer a "kid."
  2. Your dream is something only you can understand and support yourself in 24/7.
  3. Friends are temporary and can often change as your life does.
  4. As you grow older, so does your potential. You have more knowledge and experience in major aspects of life.
  5. Being spontaneous helps drive creativity.
  6. Don't forget about your sense of touch. Nicholas highlights that adults don't take the time to play in the rain or stare at the clouds.
  7. Often times, people don't do what they love.
  8. Most people don't read books after they graduate from college.
  9. People tend to talk more than they listen. Often times one person is just waiting for the other to stop so they can chime in again.
  10. Being creative isn't easy, it takes practice.
  11. Success is relative, you define it.
  12. Whether your parents approve of your life or not, eventually the meaningfulness of their opinion fades.
  13. The world is your oyster, stop trying to please everyone else.
  14. Doing something from the heart feels better than anything else.
  15. Your potential is driven by your understanding of yourself and your strengths.
  16. Often times, your haters come back around when they see your success.
  17. You are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Spend it with people you admire and like and see where it takes you.
  18. Beliefs reflect where you are in life.
  19. Be wary of vices. Be aware of your habits and how you spend your time.
  20. Understand that life is about being you.

I found this article from Nicholas Cole to be very insightful. Many of the topics he discussed are things that people often forget when they are busy with their everyday lives.

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