18-Year-Old Star Athlete From Covington Catholic High School Accused Of Rape

Screengrab/WCPO.com | 9 On Your Side/YouTube

Jacob Walter was a student at Covington Catholic High School, the same school whose students taunted a Native American.

Jacob Walter was once a star athlete who had been committed to playing basketball at Xavier University but as of December, is being held in Boone County Jail in Kentucky on a charge of rape. According to WCPO Cincinnati, Walter assaulted an 18-year-old girl by choking her and repeatedly telling her “she would be fine.”

A similar incident also occurred in May of 2018 in which the victim was sent to the hospital, much like the newest case. Facing two similar cases, attorneys think that Walter will be facing a lifetime as a registered sex offender.

“Now what he's looking at is lifetime registration. This is about control, when they're an adult. It is about protecting society." -Alex Lubans-Otto, Kentucky attorney

Walter is the graduate of Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. Videos recently appeared on the internet depicting students from Covington taunting a Native American elder and Vietnam War veteran during the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.

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It's all about intention. The intention of Mr. Phillips was to diffuse the situation between the kids and the Israelites; to pray and beat the drum. The intention of young Sandmann was to impress his classmates with his smugness.



The so-called adults were the only ones throwing racial slurs along with calling these kids pedophiles, inbred, and telling them to not only shoot up a school but to go back to Europe.

What would you do if some weirdo came up chanting and banging a drum in your face?

The kid didn't know what to do. So he stood there and smiled. That old jackwad is lucky I wasn't the one standing there as he got in my face.

Bunch of low-life adults harassing kids.


Are you implying that all Covington students are rapists just because this jerk had graduated from Covington? The entire video showed that it was the Elder who started the confrontation with the students. Are you just ignoring this fact?