17-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Died After Attending Florida Church's Unmasked Party

Carsyn Leigh Davis.Screengrab / Fort Meyers News-Press / news-press.com


“Carsyn Leigh Davis… had many battles in her 17 years, but she never complained… and always looked to help others.”

Floridacovidvictims.com, a project documenting all COVID-19 fatalities in Florida, reports that a seventeen-year-old cancer survivor with an autoimmune disorder died from COVID-19 complications after attending a large Church party where no attendants wore masks.

  • In an obituary, the Fort Meyers News-Press describes Carsyn Leigh Davis as one who “had many battles in her 17 years, but she never complained, was never fearful and always looked to help others.”
  • Davis has “fought health issues since the age of 2, including cancer and an autoimmune disorder.”
  • She died June 23 from complications due to COVID-19, two days after her seventeenth birthday.

Floridacovidvictims.com investigated the circumstances surrounding Davis’s untimely death.

  • According to a public medical examiner’s record the project obtained, “On June 10, [Davis] attended a church function with 100 other children. She did not wear a mask. Social distancing was not followed.”
  • When she developed symptoms, her parents attempted to treat her using the azithromycin, a drug rumored to have prophylactic effects against COVID-19 which have not been substantiated by drug trials.
  • When Davis appeared “gray” while sleeping on June 19, her mother attempted to treat her using hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial that has been associated with higher COVID-19 mortality in some drug trials, and a home oxygen machine used by her grandfather.
  • Davis’s parents eventually took her to Gulf Coast Medical Center later that day on June 19. On June 23, Davis was pronounced dead at Nicklaus Children’s hospital after attempts to treat her with both intubation and ECMO.

Floridacovidvictims.com criticized the family’s actions regarding Davis’s health. The author wrote,

First, the large event at the church, with more than 100 unmasked children.

Then, the inappropriate prescription for an anti-bacterial drug [azithromycin].

Then, refusing to take her daughter to the doctor when she couldn’t breathe, opting instead to put her on Carsyn’s grandfather’s oxygen machine.

Then—and this may very well be the thing that killed her—somehow getting her hands on and forcing her daughter to take a drug so dangerous that clinical trials had to be stopped within weeks of starting [hydroxychloroquine].

But why? Why would someone be so reckless with their own child’s life?

Carole [Davis’s mother] keeps a public facebook profile that is filled with conspiracy theories about underground governmental networks and mind-control. She’s a devout follower of the alt-right terrorist and conspiracy group QAnon, and frequently reposts stories from other alt-right websites like The Federalist.

…I am so saddened for this girl and the loss of life.

I am so angered by the danger of anti-science conspiracy theories and the people those altered-mindsets put in harm’s way.

Every death on this website is heartbreaking. Every minute lost in someone’s life is a tragedy.

But this one will stick with me long after this virus has torn through our communities.

Rest in peace, Carsyn.

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