17 Republican Members Of Congress Vote Against Condemning QAnon

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The House resolution condemned Qanon as a "collection of unfounded conspiracy theories."

Seventeen Republican lawmakers voted against a House resolution condemning QAnon as a “collection of unfounded conspiracy theories,” according to The Daily Beast.

The resolution, which passed nearly unanimously, urged the FBI and intelligence agencies to focus on the threats from fringe conspiracy groups, which have grown in mass as the election has neared.

  • A total of 18 lawmakers voted against the measure: 17 Republicans and 1 Independent.
  • “The resolution, which doesn’t carry any legal force, comes as Republican House nominee and Georgia QAnon believer Marjorie Taylor Greene is poised to win a seat in the chamber in November," The Daily Beast reported.
  • QAnon supporters believe that President Trump is “engaged in a shadow war against a pedophile-cannibal cabal of Satanists that controls the world.”
  • Trump has called QAnon adherents “people that love our country.”
  • Meanwhile, the FBI considers the conspiracy theory a potential source of domestic terrorism.
  • Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) defended his vote against the measure, saying its sections urging law enforcement and intelligence agencies to monitor conspiracy theory extremists would only confirm their fears about a “deep state.”

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