16-Year-Old Leader Of Youth Climate Activism: Autism Is Not A 'Gift'


Greta Thunberg, nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, wrote about her experience with autism on World Autism Awareness Day.

In a Facebook post on World Autism Awareness Day, brilliant 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden discussed her experience with autism. Greta Thunberg made headlines last year for her address to the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The young founder of the Youth Strike for Climate has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in addition to ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and selective mutism.

In her April 2 post, she wrote that though she is "proud to be on the spectrum," autism "is not a 'gift,'" The Hill reports. “For most it is an endless fight against schools, workplaces and bullies,” she wrote. But under the right circumstances, given the right adjustments it CAN be a superpower.”

She continued, “I’ve had my fair share of depressions, alienation, anxiety and disorders. But without my diagnosis, I would never have started school striking. Because then I would have been like everyone else.”

In her Facebook post, Thunberg said that her condition was one of the drivers for her climate activist work.

“Our societies need to change, and we need people who think outside the box and we need to start taking care of each other. And embrace our differences,” she wrote.

Last month, the 16-year-old was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her work.

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