16 Friends Infected With COVID After Night Out Celebrating End Of Quarantine


One of them, being a healthcare worker, says she regrets not taking precautions when they went out.

According to News4Jax, after Erika Crisp and more than a dozen of her friends went out to a pub earlier this month, they were short of breath for several days and eventually tested positive for COVID-19.

  • In Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Crisp and her friends celebrated the end of quarantine with a night out at Lynch’s Irish Pub on June 6.
  • Crisp, a 40-year-old healthcare worker, has shown symptoms for eight days, and she and all 15 of her friends tested positive.
  • Lynch’s learned that its customers had tested positive for coronavirus after visiting the pub, and the general manager “opted to shut down voluntarily over the weekend for a deep cleaning,” News4Jax reported.

We were “doing everything the right way,” Crisp said as she described how she and her friends had been careful with social distancing and had stayed indoors for months. “And then the first night we go out, Murphy’s Law, I guess...The only thing we have in common is that one night at that one bar.”

  • Crisp stated that she regrets going out to celebrate after months of quarantining, and added that this is a lesson for everyone.

“I think we were careless and we went out into a public place when we should not have. And we were not wearing masks. I think we had a whole ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. The state opens back up and said everybody was fine, so we took advantage of that,” she continued. “We should be wearing masks. We should be social distancing...It was too soon to open everything back up.”

Lynch’s general manager announced that the pub will reopen at 11 AM Tuesday.

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