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A 12-year old girl in Covington, Louisiana, suffered a heart attack during her COVID-19 infection but is now recovered, The Associated Press reported.

The 12-year-old patient, Juliet Daly, did not initially develop symptoms that have affected adults, such as difficulty in breathing. Her symptoms started with stomach pain and vomiting. Her mother Jennifer Daly recalled thinking it was appendicitis or some type of stomach problem. However, eventually, Juliet’s lips turned blue and limbs turned cold.

Daly was soon taken to the local hospital in New Orleans, where she would suffer a heart attack, receive CPR treatment and get airlifted to Ochsner Medical Center. She stayed there for 10 days, four of which she survived on a ventilator.

Juliet Daly was not conscious during that time, but her mother remembered them well:

“All she remembers is daddy telling her she’s going to go to sleep. ‘They’re going to put a tube down your throat. You’re gonna go on a helicopter ride. You’re gonna wake up in a new hospital and mommy will be there’” said Jennifer. “Well, that’s what happened.”

Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, one of the doctors who took care of Daly at Ochsner Medical Center, said that “Juliet came in as one of the sickest children we’ve taken care of with COVID-19.” The top chamber of her heart did not work well with the bottom chamber, and the little girl was developing “multisystem organ failure.” She had developed “acute fulminant myocarditis (AFM), an uncommon heart condition that tends to present with sudden onset acute heart failure, cardiogenic shock or life-threatening arrhythmias.”

Kleinmahon said that children infected with coronavirus often have different symptoms from adults, such as the abdominal problems in Daly’s case, or rashes in some others. In Daly’s case, the child patient also had another virus besides coronavirus. He also said Daly had a second infection, which was determined to be adenovirus.

COVID-19 causes no, mild or moderate symptoms for the majority of people, but some suffer severe symptoms and even death.

After four days on a ventilator, Daly eventually regained the ability to breathe on her own. On Apr. 15, she left the hospital with the doctor’s approval. Kleinmahon said that she will have a “totally normal life.”

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