100 Students Sent Home From Miss. High School After Teacher Shows COVID Symptoms

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The students will receive virtual instruction for 14 days while the teacher's test result is awaited.

About 100 students were sent home from a high school in Mississippi on Tuesday after being exposed to a teacher who was showing mild signs of COVID-19, The Hill reported.

  • The teacher had not yet been tested for COVID, according to the Gulfport School District, but the students were sent home “out of an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe.”
  • Students will receive virtual instruction at home for 14 days while the teacher’s test result is awaited and will be permitted to return to school if the test is negative.
  • The Hill reported that the school implemented social distancing and “everyone, including the teacher, wore masks inside the classroom.”
  • How to approach reopening the nation’s schools continues to be an issue of hot debate as the new academic year gets underway.
  • The news outlet reported that the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised reopening schools to avoid the negative consequences for students of the loss of in-person instruction”; however, “it also recommends students and staff wear masks and keep a distance of at least 6 feet.”

Mississippi “is reporting the second-highest positivity rating in the nation, and Gov. Tate Reeves (R) last week issued a two-week mask mandate in businesses and all public places,” The Hill reported.

Another Mississippi high school last week had to quarantine more than 100 people after six students and one staff member tested positive for coronavirus just weeks after in-person classes resumed.

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Granny Grammar
Granny Grammar

"Most powerful nation on Earth" under an administration that can't put together lab tests that return results in time to be useful. So hundreds of thousands of people sit around doing nothing under quarantine to compensate for the failure.

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