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A recent poll showed that around one in seven Americans would not seek medical care if they developed COVID-19 symptoms, according to Independent.

Gallup and non-profit organization West Health published the new poll on Tuesday, the results of which suggest that almost 35 million people might avoid seeking a doctor for symptoms such as dry cough or fever due to concerns over costs.

The report collected data using a nationally representative survey of 1,017 American adults.

The poll further found that 9 percent of the respondents would avoid healthcare even when the question was “framed explicitly as believing (they) have been infected by the novel coronavirus.”

Another 6 percent of people, or roughly 15 million residents, reported cases where they or family members have denied medical care for non-coronavirus reasons, such as the volume of patients in hospitals.

In an analysis document Gallup explained, however, that confusion about the symptoms might have influenced the polling results.

The analysis stated that, “Mentioning coronavirus by name reduces the percentage of people who would not seek treatment by roughly one-third, suggesting that lack of clarity regarding the common symptoms of Covid-19 could be a factor in not pursuing it, beyond household economics or basic access.”

John Auerbach, head of Trust for America’s Health group, noted on Tuesday that the West Health report could serve as a remainder for politicians going into the November election.

“I hope that policy makers take note,” said Auerbach. “Without widespread testing, it will be problematic to lift the restrictions.”

See the full report here.