Why Republicans are so bad at governing.

The problem with electing Republicans, so called conservatives, is that they do not understand what it takes to govern effectively. Therefore, they have to make so many mistakes before they realize that their plans just don't work out.

In the meantime, people are suffering from their incompetence. All of the actions of our present Republican leaders lead to chaos, instability, emotional and physical suffering and are taking away hope for the future.

It is the arrogance and greed for power and wealth, which drives the Republican party. With no understanding of proper governing, no perceivable empathy, no understanding of humans and how they really react to what is going on in their lives, and no understanding of human needs, what we see is just one after another knee-jerk reaction to crisis, which is created by this ineptitude in governing.

Perhaps what is most disturbing is that there is no learning taking place. A Republican's idea of history, amounts, at best, to what happened yesterday. They seem to have no idea of how things connect. This seems to be due to only focusing on self interest and how to achieve that. If their bank account is growing, then the world is seen as perfect. They will then be oblivious to the fallout from their decisions. Worse yet, it is more important for them to deny their mistakes, rather than to correct them.

Only our citizens can help us get competency back in government. Too many people think they have no power. Too many are apathetic. Too many do not work on following events and seeing how their choices and demands will contribute to our successes and failures. Too many are seeking escape in entertainment, like myself I have to admit, instead of reading and watching the products of investigative journalism. (I do pay a lot of attention, but could do better.) Keep in mind, it is much harder to get the information that real journalists get, than for us to consume it.

We need to work together if we want to put quality back into our lives. We need to focus on the health of our nation rather than the health of the privileged class. We need to restore the integrity in all of our institutions. We need to declare the importance of science and insist on adhering to it's findings. We need to stop sending people to lead, who don't really understand their jobs and the consequences of their self interested pursuits.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)

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What nonsense. The liberals are a marketing campaign only. There is no real compassion at the top. They only care about government takeover and power. Look at the fake impeachment. They are joyful under Obama and then tear apart Trump for doing the same. It's a joke. If he killed Soleimani he's wrong. If he didn't kill him he would have been wrong. Liberals hypocrisy is being revealed.

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