Republicans fear sales tax exemption will lead to women buying too many tampons

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Dan Broadbent

Republicans fear that a sales tax holiday on feminine hygiene products could lead to women 'buying too many tampons'.

According to a report in Forbes, for a three day period during the summer, the state of Tennessee has a "sales tax holiday", where items that normally are taxed, aren't. In 2019, this included clothing items, computers, and school supplies.

Tennessee State Representative London Lamar (a democrat) introduced legislation in January for 2020's sales tax holiday. This year's bill, H.B. 1921, differs slightly from the 2019 version, because it includes feminine hygiene products like tampons. You know, the kind of stuff most women need to use on a regular basis.

This, apparently, has upset lawmakers in Tennessee. And the reason for it is borderline insane, as Kelly Phillips Erb explains in Forbes:

But a proposal to include feminine hygiene products during Tennessee’s sales tax holiday faces resistance from lawmakers – and I’m not making this up – concerned about the lack of a limit on those purchases.

(It’s true: Tennessee lawmakers have indeed figured out what women have been plotting for years. We have, in fact, been secretly hoping that the sales tax holiday would be extended to sanitary products solely to go on a shopping spree. It’s part of our plan to take over the world.)

I, for one, am glad the insanity of the left is finally on full display. Can you imagine the horror of women saving a few bucks on hygienic products? It's absolutely insane.

Erb goes on to explain that the bill itself notes that women in Tennessee spend, on average, about $120 a year on hygienic products. Tennessee's sales tax rate is 7%, so that comes out to be about $8.40. While debating the bill, State Representative Dr. Joey Hensley (you guessed it, he's a Republican) reportedly said “I would think since it’s a sales tax holiday, there’s really no limit on the number of items anybody can purchase.” He added, “I don’t know how you would limit the number of items someone could purchase.”

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I’m guessing you actually meant “right”, as opposed to “left”, when you said “I, for one, am glad the insanity of the left is finally on full display” The Bill was introduced by a Democrat and is getting pushback from Republicans, right?


It’s awkwardly phrased, and I had to look twice, but I think the “insanity” referred to introducing the vote; the author is being ironic.


GOP lawmakers have gone mad but we can't commit them to Psychiatric Hospitals. In addition, they are obsessed with our female anatomy and functions that they are desperate to control. Regardless of the author's attempt at irony, the facts remain. The GOP is disinterested in the rule of law, stopping rampant corruption in their ranks or improving the quality of life for most Americans. The GOP state & federal government is no longer a ruling body as the Constitution intended.


Wow... the comment about limiting quantity was reportedly made (per the article above) about ALL the products on the bill, not about women's products- yes so it happened to include tampons, it also includes tons of other items. God forbid anyone be happy folks got tax holiday on tampons- nope, let's victimize ourselves so we can make old white men in the South look stupid to anyone who doesn't analyze their news feed for disingenuous Socialist propaganda. Disgusting.

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