Republicans Are Looking To Make Female Contraception Both Expensive And Rare


Republicans are working to undermine women's ability to decide for themselves when or if they will become pregnant.

Contraception is one of the most significant factors that have allowed women to participate more fully in society and gain control over when and if they will have children — but Republicans seem bent on reversing this progress.

After decades of forward motion, President Donald Trump and his allies in the government, along with countless Republican officials at the state level, are attacking the availability of birth control for innumerable American women.

Cosmopolitan has a rundown of the ways Trump is trying to take women backward:

> Kill the ACA and gut Title X, a federal program that funds free or cheap contraception for some 4 million low-income women (a majority are under 30 years old and more than 60 percent are women of color). Title X helps prevent more than 800,000 unintended pregnancies a year, which would otherwise result in close to 300,000 abortions.


> Eliminate federal funding for orgs such as Planned Parenthood. This would mean fewer clinics, longer drives, endless wait times, or no access at all for those who can't get birth control through insurance. (For the record, abortions make up just 3 percent of PP’s ­services, and they are almost never paid for with federal tax dollars.)


> **Make it easier for employers and schools to refuse to cover birth control for any moral or religious reason,**putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk for steep out-of-pocket costs. At the same time, the administration is appointing Supreme Court justices who could ensure these plans become law. If that happens, birth control could cost American women at least $1.4 billion more every year!

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