New Hampshire state lawmaker Rep. Eric Schleien (R-Hudson) has been accused of sexually assaulting a sixteen-year-old girl according to ABC News.

Mr. Schleien’s attorney vehemently denies the allegations.

As per ABC News:

According to police documents, Schleien approached the teen at an Exeter cafe on July 20, 2016, and struck up a conversation after he noticed a political sticker on her laptop. She told police that they exchanged phone numbers after he suggested he could introduce her to other politicians and help her network and that she agreed to meet him two days later. Schleien, 29, drove the girl to Portsmouth, she said, but instead of discussing politics, he scared her with sexually explicit talk, sucked on her fingers and groped her inner thigh.

The girl told police Schleien described a list of sexual things he wanted to do to her, including “rape” her mouth, and asked her to go to his apartment. After she declined, she said, Schleien asked her where she liked to be kissed, and she answered her hand “because it was the farthest part away from her body.”

When they got in his car, Schleien locked the doors, grabbed her hand and started kissing and sucking on her fingers, she told police. “She stated that his grip on her hand was firm and she could not pull away,” police wrote. “She was afraid to say anything because she was afraid that he would become mad and would do something worse or not take her home.”

Aside from sexual assault charges, Mr. Schleien faces two counts of simple misdemeanor assault as well.

In text messages reviewed by police, the teen told her friend that she was uncomfortable and scared of Mr. Schleien. New Hampshire Democratic officials have called on the Republican lawmaker to resign. Mr. Schleien’s Republican Party has urged the public not to rush to judgment based on the allegations.

The New Hampshire lawmaker will be arraigned on August 2, 2017.