The horrifying misogynist Reddit thread, The Red Pill, has long been a hub of activity for men’s rights activists who are threatened by any perceived progress made by women in the long slog for equality.

Now The Daily Beast has revealed that Republican Rep. Robert Fisher of New Hampshire’s email address has been linked via various usernames and URLs to the creation of the hateful forum where conversations about women’s lack of intellect and usefulness abound alongside rape denial posts.

Fisher, 31, who had been using online aliases that led to his username Pk_atheist, was revealed to have launched The Red Pill (the name refers to the movie The Matrix and implies a choice between reality and illusion) in 2012 as a place for “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men,” The Daily Beast reports

Among Pk_atheist’s greatest hits on the forum, to which 200,000 men frightened of women subscribe, is a thread in which he argued that women are intellectually inferior to men and that they are incapable of carrying on conversations beyond beauty, diet, and pop culture because men have made their lives so cushy that women don’t need to learn how to do anything.