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Another Republican state lawmaker is looking to deny women the right to an abortion, this time in Missouri — and this time with legal ramifications on par with murder.

Missouri state Rep. Mike Moon recently proposed two bills, according to Vice News, each targeting abortion: one bill would treat fertilized eggs as human beings from the moment of conception, granting all the rights that go along with the designation; and the other would reclassify abortion as murder under the law.

“The Right to Due Process Act” would establish “that fetuses are protected by the due process clause of Missouri’s constitution,” which orders that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”

The bill makes clear that law enforcement officials and the courts would be required to enforce the provision, meaning any woman who undergoes an abortion would be subject to the legal system and treated as a murderer.

The second bill outright legally redefines abortion as murder. The proposed legislation would ban abortion in Missouri, making no exceptions for rape or incest, similar to the ban that passed in Alabama last year but was subsequently blocked from going into effect.

Vice noted that the first bill has only one co-sponsor, while the second bill has none. But Missouri’s GOP-controlled legislature remains ardently against abortion: “Last year, it passed a bill to ban abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy, before many people know they’re pregnant. Thanks to a court challenge, that law is currently blocked from taking effect.”

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