Prosecutors From Alabama And Georgia Vow Not To Enforce New Abortion Laws

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William James

Prosecutors vowed on Friday to refrain from enforcing recently enacted abortion laws.

Prosecutors in a number of states vowed on Friday to refrain from enforcing the string of recently enacted limits on abortion, calling the regulations "deeply concerning" and "unconstitutional," according to Newsweek.

Close to 40 state and local prosecutors in states including Alabama and Georgia signed the letter, which said the recent abortion restrictions improperly criminalize women and doctors who terminate a pregnancy.

Among the signatories are Alabama District Attorney Danny Carr, Georgia District Attorney Paul Howard, Ohio City Attorney Zachary Klein, and Utah District Attorney Sim Gill.

Among other things, the missive argues the restrictions "fail to consider" the victims of child molestation, human trafficking, domestic violence, and other traumatic circumstances.

"Not all of us agree on a personal or moral level on the issue of abortion," the letter states. "And not all of us are in states where women's rights are threatened by statutes criminalizing abortion.

"What brings us together is our view that as prosecutors we should not and will not criminalize healthcare decisions such as these – and we believe it is our obligation as elected prosecutors charged with protecting the health and safety of all members of our community to make our views clear," the letter continues

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