Ohio Senate Approves Bill Requiring Women To Bury Or Cremate Fetus Post-Abortion

Screengrab / (WKRC) / Youtube

The bill passed the GOP-led chamber 24-7 and now moves to the House.

On Wednesday, the Ohio state Senate passed a bill that would require women who get abortions to pick whether she wants the fetal remains to be buried or cremated. The GOP-led chamber passed the legislation 24-7. According to The Hill, the woman would either choose how she wishes to dispose of the remains or the clinic can do so for her. The clinic where the abortion is administered would pay for either method unless the woman requests a different location.

“It does not restrict a woman’s right to get an abortion," bill sponsor and Republican state Senator Joe Uecker said.

If the bill becomes law, it impose new requirements on documentation of each abortion, noting how many of the operations a woman has had and how she chose to bury the fetus.

Both the House and Governor Mike DeWine must approve the bill before it becomes law.

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