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According to The Intercept, Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, the two police officers accused of raping Anna Chambers in 2017 while she was in their custody will not receive any jail time, but rather five years of probation.

Throughout the case, Chambers’s credibility was questioned, and all rape chargers against the officers were dropped in March. At the time, state law did not assert that a person in police custody could not consent to sex. Due to Chambers’s bravery in coming forward, this loophole is now closed.

Michael David, Chambers’s attorney, stated, “It’s completely outrageous… They admitted on the record to having sex with her in their van. No jail time is just outrageous. Anna is hysterical.” He continued, “With this president? They won’t go after the police. When it comes to police sexual misconduct, there is no ‘Me Too.’”

This egregious wrongdoing and lax sentence highlights major issues in the U.S. justice system today, as police brutality is often overlooked and, even when presented with direct evidence and a confession, men are given little to no punishment for rape or sexual assault.

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