‘Pro-Choice’ Republican Susan Collins Has Voted For 32 Anti-Choice Judges

Senator Susan Collins has voted in support of judges nominated by President Trump who are against abortion rights.

Maine Senator Susan Collins voted to confirm more than 20 of the president's judicial nominees in spite of her public support for abortion rights, suggesting that party lines trump personal beliefs in today’s hyper-partisan environment, according to the Huffington Post.

Collins, one of only two pro-choice Republican senators, has supported close to 90 percent of Trump’s judicial nominees, including 32 federal judges that oppose abortion, according to calculations NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Democratic PAC American Bridge.

Collins, however, has also supported close to 90% of Democratic presidents’ nominees.

A spokeswoman of the lawmaker said her decisions were driven by the nominees’ “judicial temperament and respect for precedent,” not their personal or political beliefs.

Collins decision to confirm Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh was widely criticized by her Democratic counterparts. “Any pro-choice credibility Senator Collins built up over the past two decades in Washington is officially gone,” said Alex Stack, a spokesman for the Maine Democratic Party.

Collins’ support of Trump will make her 2020 reelection bid an uphill battle, said the Huffington Post. Her approval rating in Maine has dropped 10% since her Kavanaugh vote in October.

At least one Republican and one Democrat are gearing up to take Collins seat in the next elections.

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