Michigan Man Gets Probation For Raping Teenage Girl With His Friend

William James

A Michigan man accused of raping a 16-year-old girl had his sentence reduced to probation after striking a plea deal with prosecutors in April, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Battle Creek resident Scott Sayer, 48, will spend five years on probation for a fourth-degree criminal sexual act following a plea deal with Calhoun County prosecutors. Sayer had been charged with first-degree sexual assault in October.

Sayer’s case is part of a broader investigation into a criminal ring accused of sexually assaulting children, as well as producing and distributing child pornography.

Sayer allegedly raped the victim in October with the help of his friend Donald Johnston, who was also charged with multiple underage rape charges. Johnston’s case is pending in Calhoun County Circuit Court.

The man formed a relationship with the victim weeks before that incident and frequently incited her to take methamphetamine.

Circuit Judge Sarah Lincoln, who presided over the case said, "I was really stunned by the (plea) agreement but I had an opportunity for the plea to be explained by the prosecutor's office. I still have some concerns but you have limited criminal history – child support – and given the fact that there is an agreement with the people I will go along with this."

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