Megyn Kelly and Suzanne Somers Shared a Laugh About Marital Rape This Week

Kelly and Somers discussed the actress's sex life with long-time husband Alan Hamel, with Somers noting she's not always awake for their daily escapade.

Megyn Kelly hosted Suzanne Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, on Wednesday to discuss the actress's new book, Two's Company, detailing their 50-year marriage. During the interview - after discussing having sex on bubble wrap - Somers indicated she isn't always awake for their daily escapade, to which Kelly replied, “Alan’s like, ‘Those are some of the best times!'", and everyone had a good laugh:

Somers responded with a short anecdote about a friend whose son is a trial lawyer in Canada and working on a marital rape case. According to Somers, her friend told her: “In Canada it’s illegal to have sex with your wife if she’s not awake.” Then she nudged Hamel and said he “would be in jail” if that were the case in the U.S. Marital rape is illegal in all 50 states.