Maine Expands The Number Of Medical Professionals Allowed To Perform Abortions


Democratic Governor Janet Mills signed a bill that would expand planned parenthood resources on Monday.

Governor Janet Mills (D-Maine) signed a bill into law that would allow more health care professionals to perform abortions, according to The New York Times. Those allowed to perform abortions will include not only physicians, but nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other qualified medical professionals as well.

Additionally, the new law will expand the number of clinics that can provide aspiration abortions, a procedure that involves suction. Mills hopes that it “will ensure that Maine women, especially those in rural areas, are able to access critical reproductive health care services”.

Carroll Conley, the Christian Civic League of Maine’s executive director, opposed the new legislation on philosophical grounds. He also voiced his concern over “whether nurses and other health care professionals would receive adequate training to administer abortions by September”, when the law is to be in effect.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union presented peer-reviewed research that showed that the health care professionals that will be allowed to perform abortions provided safe abortion care.

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