In Virginia, Conservative Women Derail The Equal Rights Amendment Once Again

"At a Press Conference on January 10th, 2019, Victoria Cobb spoke about why she opposes the so-called Equal Rights Amendment." (The Family Foundation)Screengrab/TheFamilyFoundation/YouTube


Victoria Cobb believes demanding the ERA be passed makes it appear that women want "to be treated like victims."

The Equal Rights Amendment, a policy proposal which would legally require equal treatment of genders, recently failed to pass in the Virginia legislature largely due to the efforts of Victoria Cobb. According to the Washington Post, Cobb is the president of the conservative Family Foundation of Virginia, which heavily lobbied the subcommittee which crushed the ERA from passing.

In her statements against the amendment, Cobb cited that she has been able to succeed as a woman without the help of the amendment. However, many should recognize the privileged background of the private Christian school and Philadelphia suburb home which Cobb came from. The article wrote about her husband’s participation in regulating abortion providers as well as her statements that she believes the demand for the ERA makes women appear as though they want “to be treated like victims.”

But plenty of women don’t have her advantages, or the advantages that many white, middle-class women in stable families and marriages have.

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Let's remember....these are college educated white women of privilege who want to distinguish themselves by sealing their privilege above and beyond their less privileged sisters and minorities who would compete with them for status. They are very much like their husbands, brothers and those men who would seek to distinguished their privilege in the same category.
Nobody is being fooled here.


It is obvious that this woman does not speak for women in general. Gender issues should not be an issue woman have to legislate, however, history shows woman are not treated equally even though comprising 50% of the population.

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