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Women in Texas are using home remedies or prescription drugs obtained from Mexico in an attempt to end their pregnancies three times more often than women in other states, according to a new study highlighted by the Houston Chronicle.

Most of the women who take this route simply cannot afford to visit an abortion clinic or live in states where laws are hostile toward women’s reproductive rights.

The Texas Policy Evaluation Project at The University of Texas at Austin found 6.9 percent of the 721 women seeking to terminate their pregnancies first tried to do it at home before visiting a clinic. By comparison, the national percentage of DIY attempts is just 2.2.

The study found that most of the women who opted to obtain the drug misoprostol from Mexico — where it is available without a prescription — successfully ended their pregnancies. But those who relied on home remedy methods — which can include teas, herbs and vitamins — eventually went to a clinic after their efforts failed.

Though this study looked at Texas, the Chronicle noted that self-managed abortion attempts could become more common across the U.S. as states implement increasingly strict abortion policies.

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