When Michigan Republican Mike Saari was asked in February about a comment he left on Facebook seemingly normalizing pedophilia, he claimed his account had been hacked and someone else had written the comment.

But this week, Saari seemed to forget about the alleged hacking, because he gave a full defense of that same Facebook comment.

What had Saari said?

"Woman [sic] don't seem to understand that from the very beginning of time men have taken young girls (Prior to periods) as wives and concubines. Even the bible talks of this so don't make it sound like men that are attracted to 12 year old girls are sick… it's you woman [sic] that can't get a grip on reality is whats [sic] sick…it's only normal and you can't change normal or a persons [sic] DNA."

Though Saari appeared to have shut down his campaign after this and other troubling comments hit the public sphere, he now says he never left the race and is hoping to win a seat in the Michigan Senate.

Reached for response by babe, Saari indicated his words were missing context but stood by the overall sentiment of the comments:

We just got off the phone with Mike Saari, who confirmed to babe he was back in the race. "I never pulled out," he said. When asked to explain his Facebook comments about, particularly the one about him finding sex with 12 year old girls "normal," he cited two explanations.

The first:

"Where’s the narrative to that? What am I commenting on? See, that’s all removed from there. There’s no context. You don’t get a narrative or context to that statement. There’s no data point. There’s nothing to register that with. It’s a copy and paste, one side.

We asked him what the context to the statement was, and he said:

"I don’t even remember what it was. I just want to be fair to myself and to anybody that would logically look at this. People had posted a one paragraph statement. Nothing before it, nothing after it. So there was no story line there. It almost appears as if I just came up with this and I’m not talking to nobody, I just sat down at the computer one day and typed that. And that’s not the case."

And then there is the second explanation, in which Saari defends his comment:

"Number two, that statement is an absolute fact. And I also yesterday put on Facebook the fact that about biblical times that women, this is according to the article, were taken prior to their periods. And they would not have sex with them until they had their periods. This is what the article said. So I posted that underneath my comments yesterday on Facebook so that everyone can see I’m not a nut."

Saari’s potential nuttiness aside, the Republican reportedly has also made racist comments on social media, as well as off-color remarks toward the judge who heard the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case.

“Judge was wrong for her personal vocal opinions on record... That should be a crime against jursiprudence [sic] itself... Lastly, what do you think this feminazi judge would say if her husband asked for a BJ?”

In another posting, Saari lamented that black Americans “simply refuse to allow caucasians to have anything alone and without them” while complaining that black people had begun participating in the sport of fly fishing – a rant which he closed with, “let me just end this by saying I’m not racist”.

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