Ex-GOP Campaign Aide Dodges Prison After Allegedly Raping Fellow Staffer

Former GOP campaign aide, Spencer Schneider, received a two-year suspended sentence and two-year probation after pleading guilty to obscenity and sexual battery, avoiding the potential 25-year sentence associated with third degree rape.

Spencer Schneider, a former aide to the gubernatorial campaign of former Sen. David Vitter, escaped prison time in relation to his sexual assault of a fellow campaign staffer.

According to RawStory ,Schneider faced a possible 25-year sentence if found guilty of the original charge of third degree rape.

The 23-year-old Schneider agreed to plead guilty to a felony count of obscenity, which can eventually be expunged from his record, and a misdemeanor count of sexual battery, which cannot.

The charges stemmed from an outing the pair took on Nov. 21, 2015 following Vitter's election loss, where the woman believes Schneider drugged her drink. After awaking in pain and with him in bed, she said he informed her they had engaged in sex.

Schneider's accuser accepted but was disappointed by the result, telling the Times-Picayune :

“Although two years’ probation and an obscenity felony is a far cry from what I think would be just, as he deserved to be convicted of rape and registered as a sex offender, I do believe that this was the best that could be done,” the woman said. “In today’s climate, college rapists are rarely even indicted. I am grateful for any sort of conviction.”

After charges were filed, Schneider's father - a partner and co-founder of the San Diego-based civil law firm Yunker and Schneider - hired Colorado-based attorney Lisa Wayne, who specializes in high-profile sex cases, to assist in his son's defense.

Criminal District Judge Robin Pittman imposed the sentence Sept. 18 after prosecutors assured her the victim had no opposition to the plea agreement, which was reached with the help of a high-profile, out-of-town lawyer.