Conservative Pundit Calls US Senator A “H*****”

Screengrab / TED / Youtube

Conservative Pundit Bill Mitchell referred to a female U.S. Senator by a highly offensive epithet.

Right Wing Watch has reported that pro-Trump commentator Bill Mitchell has suggested that Trump wanted Republicans to lose the House of Representatives in the midterm elections because he knew that it would bolster his chance to get funding for his border wall.

Mitchell claims that Trump concentrated on keeping the Senate during the midterm elections. He knew that if Democrats controlled the House, they would refuse to fund the border wall, which would give him reason to declare national emergency and build the wall himself.

If Republicans had controlled both houses, he would likely have still struggled to gain funding for his wall, but would not be able to declare national emergency and bypass his own party.

“The fact that [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi is now in [charge] of the House allows Donald Trump to declare a national emergency and get this done,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell and his guest Joey Mannarino spoke about voter fraud in the election, which then became a sexist conversation about Senator Krysten Sinema’s wardrobe.

“Arizona was a total, total fraud,” Mannarino said. “Sinema, there is no way—did you see her walking around, the things she wears to Congress?”“

Those thigh-high boots and the miniskirt,” Mitchell replied. “My gosh, she looks like some sort of hooker.”

“And a cheap one, too,” Mannarino responded, before turning back to voter fraud. “Not only that, Arizona would never vote for a woman [like Sinema]. Arizona did not vote for that woman. It just didn’t happen.”