An Alt-Right YouTuber Bragged About Sexually Assaulting A Drunk Woman

Screengrab / Internet Bloodsports / YouTube

Andy Warski, a White Supremacist YouTube host, bragged about sexually assaulting a drunk woman on live YouTube.

Alt-right YouTuber Andy Warski admitted on a live stream last month that he had secretly removed a condom during sex with a drunk woman -- an act commonly referred to as 'stealthing'.

On the February 28 edition of the “Morning Kumite” live stream—hosted on an obscure YouTube channel popular with devoted “bloodsports” fans—Warski bragged about removing a condom during sex without the consent of his sexual partner.

After saying he needed to remove the condom because it was too tight, Warski admits continuing the act without her consent:

“So, I roll it off and then I fucked her without the condom on. I was hammered. Like, I pulled it off—and she was mad at me after. She was like, ‘What the fuck? You pulled off the condom?’” Warski said, mocking the woman and laughing.

Warski said he was worried the following day, because he might have picked up a sexually transmitted disease.

Having just admitted to sexual assault, Warski was asked by the other men on the live stream when the incident occurred, due to the statute of limitations:

“Say over seven years, Andy. ‘Over seven years’ is the answer,” one chat participant urged, claiming that Warski’s actions would not be illegal if they had happened that long ago.

After some pause, Warski claimed the incident had happened in 2009 and asked the other chat participants: “What? You’ve never pulled off a condom halfway through?”

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Just goes to show that some women have no taste.


Do white supremacists believe caucasians are better? Or do they just not want to associate with other skin tones? Because this guy is hardly a model citizen.


If you saw her you'd understand- she's several inches taller and at least a hundred pounds heavier. It's his cohost JF, who bragged about trying to impregnate a mentally disabled woman who's a Nazi though. Andy is just a low IQ creep.