Alaska Republican: Some Women Are “Glad” To Be Pregnant For Free Trips To The Abortion Clinic

Alaska State Representative David Eastman (R-Wasilla) claimed that some women are “glad” to become pregnant so they can travel for Medicaid-funded abortions, according to Alaska Public Media.

While speaking to the Associated Press, Eastman claimed:

“You have individuals who are in villages and are glad to be pregnant so that they can have an abortion because there’s a free trip to Anchorage involved.”

When asked for evidence for his outlandish claim, Eastman shared:

“I can think of a case that was brought to our attention earlier this session where you had a family who was very glad to hear that their abortion had gone beyond a certain point because they were going to be heading to Seattle.”

Eastman’s has statement since caused an uproar among thinking people around the United States.

“To even suggest that women are benefiting off the very restrictions that the state has put in place as relates to second-trimester abortions is – it is a new low, even for Rep. Eastman,” said Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands spokeswoman Katie Rogers.