What Carnival Employees Really Think About Their CEO


Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Cruise Line, was given feedback from six current and one former employee.

Six current and former Carnival employees, speaking anonymously out of fear for retaliation from Carnival or other negative impacts on their careers, revealed their opinions of CEO Arnold Donald during coronavirus, according to Business Insider.

Some complimented Donald’s performance, while others said that he has not taken enough responsibility for the way the coronavirus spread on Carnival’s ships.

A Carnival representative said that “we are fortunate to have a leader like Arnold Donald guiding us through these difficult times as an industry.”

“He’s really forward-thinking,” said a Princess Cruises sales employee. He praised Donald’s performance during coronavirus.

“My opinion of him is pretty high,” said a former Carnival shoreside employee.

Some employees also endorsed Donald’s leadership and said that Donald is good at communicating, both externally and internally.

“He really has been truly exceptional and a world-class leader,” said a Carnival Corp. senior executive.

A former executive who oversaw multiple Carnival brands also said “Arnold’s a great leader.”

Some employees, however, criticized Donald’s response to the coronavirus.

“His phrasing has removed his ownership of the problem, and he does need to take some ownership in the fact that this situation has occurred on our company’s property,” said a firm’s manager, in response to Donald’s interview with Axios.

“We’ve had the biggest outbreaks in the world on our cruise ships, maybe we didn’t start it, but what are you doing about it? He doesn’t have an answer,” said a salesperson for Holland America Line, which is owned by Carnival.

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