Wall Street Investors Prioritizes Company Culture When Investing


Mike Tian, comanager of the Focused Emerging Markets Investor Fund, focuses on corporate culture when investing.

The Focused Emerging Markets Investor Fund is one of the most successful global stocks funds in Wall Street. It performs better than 98% of other global stock funds with a 20.9% return. It has consistently displayed these staggering returns and high performance over the past three years.

Tian follows a couple of particular investment strategies when deciding which companies to invest in. For example, Tian looks at the company culture of a firm. Essentially, a healthy company culture allows for adaptations to a changing sector as well as acquire the different business practices that lead to eventual long-term financial success.

"We believe that corporate cultures are actually very, very important to the longer-term success of a company," Tian said. "It's almost invisible on a day-to-day level. But we're talking about these slow changes over time."

The fund relies on a survey to determine the state of a firm’s company culture and also speaks to employees at all levels. Additionally, Tian looks to see whether a company is constantly looking to innovate rather than having an advantage that is static.

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