Venture Capitalists Predict Disrupting Year For Healthcare Industry


Biotech investors working in venture capital believe that 2020 will bring disruptions healthcare delivery and pricing.

During the past year, consumers have been increasingly attentive about the access that companies have to their data. Consequently, this upcoming year might be a year of reevaluation for access to patient and genetic data.

More specifically, there might be a decrease in spending in consumer genetics. Additionally, Julie Yoo believes that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act will be reworked to take into account companies that are using patient data to make artificial intelligence more effective.

Additionally, as digital health companies have grown larger and larger there is an expectation that they will start to acquire health startups.

"Now that there are a cohort that are at scale such that they can be the acquirers," Yoo said.

Because of the large number of uninsured Americans, healthcare services are expected to undergo changes in pricing that is coupled with increased transparency. More healthcare services are expected to become available at a cash price.

Others believe that healthcare companies with low gross margins will not be heavily invested in during the upcoming year.

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