Venture Capitalists Are Investing In Companies Studying Gut Bacteria

Andrew Wagner

Venture capitalists are investing in microbiome startups that test the bacteria in your guy for insight into health.

Venture capitalists are investing in microbiome startups that attempt to predict health trends by testing the bacteria in human feces, according to Business Insider.

Microbiome startups attempt to test the bacteria growing in and on us and then use the results to draw conclusions based on health. Recently, many have failed in this task. uBiome and Arivale both failed in their attempt to make microbiome-based health products.

Microbiome companies test feces to examine the bacteria living in people's guts. The companies then take the insights from these bacteria and combine them with digital-monitoring tools to create personalized diets to help alleviate their symptoms.

Since 2014, almost 100 microbiome startups around the world have raised $3.3 billion. "From partnerships with major health systems to new areas of microbiome exploration, the healthcare industry continues to see opportunity in this space," CB Insights said. Furthermore, microbiome patents have increased from less than 20 in 2013 to 140 in 2017.

Microbiome startups have raised over $3.3 billion in funding as they attempt to draw health insights from bacteria in human feces.

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