Venture Capital Firm Targets Founder Ignored By Silicon Valley


Precursor Ventures targets pre-seed companies when it invests.

Precursor Ventures has deviated from the typical venture capital investment strategy as it targets startups called pre-seed companies that are not much more than an idea, according to Business Insider.

Charles Hudson is the managing partner of the firm and attempts to target startups that were ignored or neglected by Silicon Valley's typical venture capital environment. Hudson invests small amounts into dozens of startups.

Hudson founded the firm in 2015 and said his idea was, "can we find a bunch of really interesting early-stage companies where a relatively modest amount of money — in this environment at least — could make a difference between them having just an idea and having an idea and a business."

Hudson has also looked for founders who are women, people of color, or first-time founders. "It doesn't take a ton of courage to back two people who left Stripe, who were early there," he said. "We're happy to meet people from those [kinds of experiences]," he continued, "but we'll meet people who come from all kinds of different backgrounds. And it turns out that's relatively unique at the very early stage."

Precursor Ventures is not the typical Silicon Valley venture capital firm and targets smaller companies that are sometimes only an idea.

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