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The aid to farmers and food banks is part of a larger $19 billion Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, according to UPI. Government aid in buying food is needed as farmers face decreased demand for their food stock while under resourced food banks face increasing demand for their services. The program aims to connect underutilized food supplies from farmers to food banks who will distribute stock to needy families.

"We've seen the pictures of the cars lined up at food banks," Dave Tuckwiller, the Deputy Administrator for the USDA’s Commodity Procurement Program said. "Ideally, what we'd like is a mutually agreeable, small quantity drop off where the boxes can go basically out of the truck and into the trunk."

Food that will be purchased for distribution at food banks include dairy products, cooked chicken and pork and fresh produce. The USDA will not play a direct part in distributing the purchased food to food banks. Instead it will be up to farmers and food banks to establish that relationship. Contacts will start in May.

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