UN Secretary-General And Former Google CEO Envision Digital World After COVID-19

Gene Naumovsky

As they gain new customers and more responsibility, tech giants will come out of the pandemic on top.

CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011, Eric Schmidt predicts that the tech industry will only grow after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Fortune. The former executive chairman of Google until 2017 said, “The strongest brands and the strongest companies will recover more quickly.” Schmidt believes that as online orders continue to surge many online giants, such as Amazon.com Inc., will retain masses of new customers. With non-essential brick-and-mortar stores closed across the country, the nation is now relying on big tech for deliveries, entertainment, and essential supplies.

Schmidt’s claims come at an interesting time, as federal regulators began cracking down on tech companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, right before the pandemic. Yet, Schmidt says that now big tech companies will rise from the pandemic with a heightened corporate awareness. In fact, now tech companies are viscously fighting misinformation, a variable that pushed many of those same companies into courtrooms.

Schmidt added, “There was this belief 10 years ago that it was okay to have open networks and have free speech from anyone, including idiots. What you see now with the pandemics, is you see every tech company is aggressively going after the liars, the manipulators, and the people who are harming other people by denying the existence of the disease and spreading misinformation.”

United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres believes the future after the global pandemic will be a digital one, according to Business Standard. On a phone interview with Efe New Guterres stated, “One thing is clear, we're seeing mass digitalization of human relations with the crisis, and that will have an inevitable impact. The future will be much more digital than the past. This is going to provide a major impetus for the development of artificial intelligence, and cyberspace activities.” On the bright side, the Secretary-General did note a cutback of greenhouse gasses and addressed the pandemic as an “opportunity to provide a very strong push toward sustainable development.” Yet, the UN Chief finds worry in the lack of coordination between countries at such a crucial time. Finally, Guterres spoke on the responsibility of developed nations to protect the world from the virus, and not only fend for themselves. Guterres vouched for countries to provide socio-economic support as the current recession will not be flipped anytime soon.

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