Uber Now Uses Slack For Workplace Communications


Slack is now being rolled out as the workplace communication platform for Uber.

Uber has recently started using Slack as the communication platform for its entire 38,000 employee workforce. More specifically, the shift to Slack occurred on Thursday.

The acquisition of Uber as a client shows that Slack has a platform that can accommodate large numbers of employees. Previously, it was seen as a weak platform when it came to implementation in large companies. Additionally, Slack competes with Microsoft, which has developed its own workplace communication platform.

Slack has recently been making strides in the different clients it has been accruing. It has also recently become the workplace communication platform used by IBM, which employs 350,000 people.

Uber had started using Slack in 2016, but quickly opted out of the platform because of weak privacy mechanisms and an inability to handle the number of users that Uber would provide through its workforce. After Uber opted for using Slack, the platform worked on developing what has been branded as the Enterprise Grid, which has the capacity of facilitating communication between 500,000 users.

Despite these improvements in platform capacity, Slack is still down 30% from when the company made its initial public offering.

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