Uber Freight Announces Expansion Into Canada

Andrew Wagner

Uber Freight recently announced that it is expanding operations into Canada.

Uber Freight announced on October 30 that it is expanding its operations to Canada, according to Business Insider.

Uber Freight is an increasingly popular trucking app in the United States. Uber launched the truck branch in 2017 and by the next year reaped $359 million in bookings. From January to August 2019, Uber Freight maintained 19 percent of all downloads of brokers and load boards.

Earlier this year, Uber Freight announced its expansion into The Netherlands, Poland, and Germany. Now, Uber Freight is expanding to Canada. "We see massive international opportunities for Uber Freight, and we're excited to scale globally as a tech-forward leader in freight," Bill Driegert, head of operations at Uber Freight.

The United States has a trucking industry valued at $800 billion while Canada's trucking industry is valued at only $68 billion. The business opportunity Uber Freight is targeting is transporting goods between Canada and the U.S.

According to data from the U.S. Trade Representative, Canada is the third-largest importer of U.S. goods. The trade partnership between the two countries is valued at $714.1 billion and 51 percent of that trade is transported with trucks.

"By seamlessly facilitating cross-border and domestic loads in the Uber Freight platform, we're expanding our network, enabling carriers across North America to leverage our technology and access global opportunity to grow their businesses," Driegert said.

Uber Freight is coming to Canada as it continues to expand its reach on trucking industries all over the globe.

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