Tensions have risen after an official recently compared Huawei to the mafia.

Huawei is a major telecommunications company based in China. It is currently a leader helping different countries build up their telecommunications infrastructure with its 5G technology. The U.S. has been consistently working to prevent allies from using Huawei’s products and technology. The U.K., a major U.S. ally did not align with Trump and opted to allow Huawei to help build the country’s 5G network.

The U.S. has claimed that Huawei is building in backdoors within the telecommunications networks built up in different countries to allow access typically only reserved for law enforcement. However, the U.S has not released the intelligence that would support that claim.

“That’s just crazy. We’re one of the largest private enterprise run companies in the world. Our senior management is more akin to the way American executives think and act,” said Glenn Schloss, a vice president at Huawei. “To liken Huawei to organized crime is disingenuous, and a PR stunt. We’re operating in 170 countries in the world connecting a third of the world’s people. And we operate in a free market structure.”

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