U.S. Claims Huawei Can Secretly Access Mobile Networks


The U.S. claims they have evidence that Huawei has the capability to tap into networks to spy for the Chinese government

More specifically, the U.S. asserts that Huawei has had the capability to covertly access mobile phone networks since 2009 when the network infrastructure for a 4G network had started being built. The claims are the latest developments in a long effort from the U.S. to get allies to boycott Huawei technology and products as allies build up 5G networks in their own respective countries.

When a company helps build the infrastructure for a new network, certain mechanisms are put in place so that law enforcement can access the mobile networks for a variety of purposes. However, it has been established that network manufacturers should not know how to override the security mechanisms in place. In other words, Huawei should not have the same access capability to a network that law enforcement officials do.

The U.S. has not provided details to support their claims, but has stated that they have shared their intelligence with allies. The U.K., which decided not to boycott Huawei as they build a 5G network has stated that this intelligence was not new and had already been considered when deciding whether to contract the tech giant.

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