The upcoming federal budget will include a 12% increase in funding for NASA to promote lunar exploration.

President Trump has made expanding lunar exploration a priority for his administration. He has set a goal of having another lunar landing by 2024. The increased spending towards NASA will allocate close to $3 billion towards the development of human landers. Additionally, this increase in funding does not come at the expense of money allocated to other federal agencies.

Additionally, Trump wants to establish private-public partnerships that are attempting to build up the commercial market for flights to space. Thus, increased funds is aimed at developing a reusable fleet of spacecraft.

Currently, NASA’s budget is $22.6 billion and is separately funded from the Space Force that was recently established.

“Space exploration will reinvigorate the landscape of American science,” said a spokesman from the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Research will also be focused on extracting water from the moon and also developing processes for refueling on the moon. Both are essential towards making a long-distance trip to Mars possible.

The increased spending on NASA is meant to signal to others that the Trump Administration is serious about getting Americans back on the moon.

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